The programme for the professional development of adults' educators is a comprehensive education plan, aimed at helping trainers teach Digital skills and Industry 4.0 to low-skilled adults employed in the furniture industry.

It is an innovative programme in line with European policies and lifelong learning instruments for educators, designed to fulfill the methodological and pedagogical needs in order. The trainers’ programme is easily accessible and developed in English, however, summaries are available in Partners’ languages.


A training curriculum and a set of tools and instruments are developed in collaboration with adult trainers, IT experts, employers in the Furniture industry.

The Educational kit facilitates trainers in providing training to low-skilled adult in Furniture industry on digital skills and Industry 4.0.

The kit is in line with the actual needs and challenges related to the adoption of innovative technologies and pedagogies in upper adult education.



The goal of the DigiFInd platform is to provide learning content and activities for trainers and adult learners.

In particular, the platform hosts the Training Programme for trainers (IO1) with tools and instruments useful for training Digital skills in the Furniture industry (IO2). The system components are concretely implemented in accordance with the IT agreed architecture.