The project, coordinated by UNWE (Bulgaria), brings together 8 organizations representing 5 countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Poland and Romania), forming a transnational cooperation partnership with a balanced geographical representation of the Erasmus+ area.

This three-year program has the aim to support adult trainers in teaching digital skills to low-skilled adults in Furniture Industry, in order to foster their employability, socio-educational and professional development.

In particular, the project proposes to develop adult training curricula for acquiring appropriate Digital skills to be applied in the furniture industry sector.

In addition, for reaching the ultimate aim of the project, Partners will also design DigiFInd Platform, a platform which will provide training in Digital skills and Industry 4.0.


The main objective of the project is to enable the adult trainers with professional training in order to teach Digital skills in more efficient way.

This further training will be using ICT based instruments, as a precondition to improve Digital skills and to support low-skilled adults to be more employable and socially integrated.

As the future development of the Furniture Sector requires knowledge and skills not only on digital transformation but also on IoT, this project will support in initiating and acquiring this skills by low-skilled adults.


The innovative training programme for professional development of adult educators provides an appropriate training in the education of low-skilled adults in Digital skills and Industry 4.0 in line with the European policies and lifelong learning instruments.

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A training curriculum and a set of tools and instruments are developed in collaboration with adult trainers, IT experts, employers in Furniture industry to facilitates trainers in providing training to low-skilled adult in Furniture industry on digital skills and Industry 4.0.

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DigiFInd platform will provide learning contents and activities for trainers and adult learners. In particular the platform hosts the Training Programme for trainers with tools and instruments useful for training Digital skills in Furniture industry.

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National and International events will be organized with a wider audience external to the consortium - representatives of adult training organizations, adult trainers, Associations, Employer Associations in Furniture Industry, SMEs, Research organizations, Universities – with the purpose to share and discuss the project outcomes, and to define, together and by different point of views, the new strategies designed at national and European level on the Project topic.

Seven DigiFInd Multiplier Events will be held in the Project countries between February 2021 and August 2021.